Retsujou - Ryō Mutobe
This one has a couple of things that I loved--mostly because they're two very specific 'trope' yaoi moments that were subverted in the way I have always wanted.

Thing #1: Yes, the moment leading up to the sex was very violent, but the uke threw the first punch, and it was pretty much anger-brawling until the seme forces the kiss and rips the seme's shirt open...and then he STOPS! He looks legitimately upset that he was even close to doing anything against the uke's will. Even better, the uke then gives explicit consent.

Thing #2: This is from the second story. While they're having sex for the second time, the seme starts teasing the uke in the mean way that semes do--telling him that he has to straddle the seme if he wants to be pentrated, etc--but then the uke tells the seme that this is the last time they're having sex whichhhhhhh totally breaks the seme's confidence! He admits to the teasing, and is genuinely worried the uke will cut him off and out. I love this because usually seme's are so solid-rock with their confidence and cruelty, and they never break. It's nice to see some variation.

Side note: First time they had sex...I was not thrilled. It was borderline rapey imo... could be debatable if someone wanted to take that on, but it just did not feel entirely consenty.